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All products are available on an Individual, Group or Corporate basis.

Life Insurance, Retirement plan (IRP), Disability, Critical Illness, Health & Dental, Long Term Care, Travel Insurance, and insurance for medical treatment outside of Canada.

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Life Insurance  
Protects your estate, provides a family income, covers your mortgage, protect your business interests, secure a loan, provides tax deferred benefits.
There are several types of life insurance -  Universal Life, Whole life, or different varieties of Term Insurance (10 year, 20 year, term to ages 65, 85 or 100 or Mortgage)




Provide a means to tax deferred accumulation and tax free loans which can be used to supplement  retirement income and/or fund investments.


Critical Illness


Provides funds at time of diagnosis of any of some 24 covered conditions prior to death.  These conditions can drastically change your way of life and the funds from Critical Illness Insurance assists with changes.


There are varing levels of coverage from permanent to term.  A Return of Premium

option is available.

Health Benefits


Group Health and Dental Plans for companies with 3 persons and above.  These plans can be designed to suit each individual company as they require.


Individual Health and Dental Plan can be designed depending on your individual need.  Protects you and/or your family's health care needs if not on a group plan.



Provides protection of your income and/or your business interests should you not be able to work due to a medical or physical condition.


There are a variety of options available - Return of Premium option, Inflation linking and Future Insurance option available to name the most common.



Additional products


Travel Insurance provides protection for medical and other cost while travelling out of you Province or Country.


Long Term Care proivides for old age facilities and or home care.


Business - Partnership Insurance covering Critical Illness, Life and Disability.

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